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Hall of Fame

The St. Paul Rodeo Association initiated a Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1998 for those outstanding individuals in various segments of the rodeo over its long history. Inductees can include past champions, stock contractors, contract acts, local committee individuals, and outstanding horses or bulls. Inductees are honored during a steak barbecue each year on the day prior to the commencement of rodeo activities.

Each year, a Hall of Fame Barbecue is held the evening prior to the start of the rodeo in the paddock area on the west side of the arena and includes the induction ceremony for new inductees, an old fashioned steak barbecue with all the trimmin's, and musical entertainment for the pleasure of all attendees. There will be an oral auction of wares from vendors in the Wild West Art Show and a preview inside the art show tent following the auction. This kickoff evening offers a chance to relax and have a little fun in anticipation of the activities of the rodeo. Tickets are available through the ticket office at 800-237-5920 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Visit the Schedule of Events page to see when this event will be held.

Note: Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for years 1998-2012.


Art McKayArt McKay (Officer/Director) (deceased)

Art lived in St. Paul, and spent 17 years on the SPR Board of Directors during the 70s and 80s. He was President 1981-83. Art was the first SPR President that came from outside of the group directly connected to the founders. This was a time that St. Paul Rodeo membership was growing in the surrounding areas. He farmed a wide variety of crops east of town and beyond. While on the Board, Art was in charge of Grounds for the rodeo, among other jobs. His sons said that he just treated the Rodeo Grounds like part of the farm, and used whatever time and equipment on it that was needed. With his wife Charlotte, they raised two boys, Mark and Dean, to carry on the tradition of membership in St. Paul Rodeo. Art believed that the best way to help ALL the groups in St. Paul, was to make sure SPR stayed strong, since they all benefit from the fund-raising opportunities.

Nancy SchneiderNancy Schneider (General Membership)

Nancy, of St. Paul, Oregon started her association with St. Paul Rodeo working on the lunch committee for our Queen & Court Tryouts with Don and Maureen Coleman. She helped out at the Ticket Office off & on over the years, beginning when Alta Viesko was the chair. Nancy and husband Buddy (2007 SPR Hall of Fame Inductee) worked on the Trailride breakfast for 20 years. Nancy’s dad Maurice Smith was one of the founders of St. Paul Rodeo and all five of her siblings have been SPR members. She is pleased that currently two nephews and three cousins are on the SPR Board of Directors and says “it has come full circle.” Nancy’s three boys competed in our Wild Horse Race many years, and one year they were all entered. Daughter Laura and granddaughter Cheyenne are continuing the tradition of membership in St. Paul Rodeo!

Charles SoileauCharles Soileau (Riding Event Cowboy)

Charles, of Bluff Dale, Texas is a multiple year St. Paul Rodeo Champion in the Saddle Bronc Event. Charles began life in Louisiana’s cajun country on a 4th generation rice farm with a pond for raising crawfish. He won the SPR Broncs in 1996 (Western’s ‘Rocket Ronnie’) and 1997 (Growney’s ‘No Angel’). During Charles’ 20- year riding career, he placed as high as 16th in the World, quite a feat in rodeo’s Classic Event! This Rodeo Hall of Fame is most interested in accomplishments and connections at our own SPR. Winning the Bronc Riding at St. Paul two years in a row is rare. In 79 years, it has only been done by three other champions – Mel Hyland, Rod Hay, and Matt Marvel. Charles’ friend Grant McKillip, SPR Director said “winning a big rodeo like St. Paul makes it a contestant’s favorite…but winning it twice, sealed the deal for this cowboy!” Charles’ son Dillon & daughter Abigail both ride and rope at their Texas ranch.

John and Karren PohlschneiderJohn and Karren Pohlschneider (General Membership)

John and Karren, of St. Paul, Oregon worked on the St. Paul Rodeo Parade Committee for 35 years and they chaired it for nearly 30 of those. The 4th of July Parade became a family affair, as all five of their children helped every year. John and Karren say “the Rodeo Parade is about the closeness of the community along with its love for children and horses.” They experienced the challenge of a new parade route in their first year. It had grown too large to end in the arena, so they just circled the grounds and returned to the High School on the back street. John and Karren farm in the local area and are known for their operation of French Prairie Gardens, a local produce stand and much more that they operate with some of their children.


Mel HylandMel Hyland (Riding Event Cowboy)

MEL HYLAND, of High Prairie, Alberta, Canada is a multiple year World and St. Paul Rodeo Champion in the Saddle Bronc event. He won SPR in 1971-72-76 and won the World in 72 and 76. He has made both the NFR and Canadian Finals 11 times in his career. He won the Canadian Bronc Riding Finals four times and was Canadian Bareback Champ in 1975. During his competing years, Mel lived in the Cloverdale/Surrey area of British Columbia.

Jean ManegreJean Manegre (Rodeo General Membership)

JEAN MANEGRE, of St. Paul, Oregon worked on the SPR Ticket Committee for 20 years and was Co-Chair for at least half of those years. Jean remembers that when she began volunteering for the rodeo in 1945, Alta Viesko and Kathleen Smith were the Ticket Committee Co-Chairs. When Alta retired, Jean became Co-Chair with Kathleen Smith and then upon Kathleen’s retirement, Jean worked as Co-Chair with Donna Smith. When Jean was on the Trailride Breakfast Committee she remembers they made the batter for the buttermilk pancakes “from scratch.” There was “no such word as NO when asked to work on a rodeo committee,” says Jean.

Flint RasmussenFlint Rasmussen (Contract Personnel)

FLINT RASMUSSEN, of Choteau, Montana is the finest Clown that Rodeo and PBR have ever known. Argument with that statement would be feeble, if any! We, at St. Paul were privileged to have Flint with us for the same years that he was the Entertainer of Choice at the NFR. After 2008, Flint accepted a full-time exclusive contract with the PBR where he has become the Rock Star that he was always destined to be. His first career was as a High School math and history teacher in Havre, Montana, along with coaching track and football. The secret to Flint’s success is a combination of athleticism and acting chops. He sings, dances, and has been known to “run the arborvitae” at St. Paul Rodeo.

Lawrence Henry BunningLawrence Henry Bunning (St. Paul Rodeo Officers/Directors)

LAWRENCE HENRY BUNNING (deceased). Lawrence lived in St. Paul, and spent 19 years on the SPR Board of Directors during the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Known locally as LHB, Lawrence farmed hops, strawberries, and other rotation crops west of town. While on the Board, he wore many hats, including that of Director of Security for the rodeo. He and his wife, Mary Brentano Bunning, hosted many girls from our rodeo courts at their home, and as a member of the Queen and Court Committee, Mary transported them to many appearances. In the early days of SPR, Lawrence’s commitment to the rodeo included his personal guarantee at the bank to obtain financing to put on the show. One year, Donna Smith (Ticket Chair) was worried about ordering the ticket printing as it had to be paid up front. Lawrence gave her a signed check and said to use whatever she needed.

Justin McKeeJustin McKee (Contract Personnel)

JUSTIN MCKEE, of Lenapah, Oklahoma is in his 12th year as Announcer of St. Paul Rodeo. He is the “TV Voice” of the PBR. The PBR’s summer break with the Built Ford Tough Series, has provided the opportunity for Justin to continue announcing major PRCA Rodeos such as Cheyenne, Pendleton, Calgary, Ellensburg, and ST. PAUL during that summer break. He has become a co-host on the PRCA’s preview show before each night’s NFR telecast. Justin is known as the “Sultan of Simile” for his McKee-isms, such as “spinning like a weathervane in a hurricane,” and “bucked off faster than the banker could tell me no.” Justin has a ranch in Lenapah, where he lives with his wife Jeannie and daughter Kassidy.


Bill DolanBill Dolan (St. Paul Rodeo Officer/Director)

BILL of St. Paul, Oregon, joined SPR in 1966; was a SPR Director for 15 years between 1990 and 2004 and was President from 2001-03. He is a current member of the SPR Foundation Board. Bill owned and managed Ernst Hardware a local John Deere dealership from 1965-2000. He has been Newberg Rotary President and on the Newberg Community Hospital Board for 12 years. Bill’s expertise in the machinery and irrigation side of agri-business has been a good fit with St. Paul Rodeo. His wife Ann helps out in the ticket office and Bill’s whole family has volunteered for the rodeo. Son, Mike, is a member serving on committees and daughter, Jill, has helped out at the Wild West Art Show. Bill said “the rodeo isn’t just hard work, but rewarding, as it gets you involved in the entire community and helps so many other organizations.”

Chuck LopemanChuck Lopeman (Contract Personnel)

CHUCK of Red Bluff, California, has brought his Lopeman Sound Co. to St. Paul Rodeo since 1997. His background is in construction and land development, but he decided it was time to add some passion to his life – to spark up the audio experience for rodeo fans around the Western US. Chuck said, “When I got the job at Reno Rodeo in 2000, things really took off.” Chuck says “you have to let the event happen, and kind of fly by the seat of your pants.” He has worked many events (including Cheyenne) with the best in rodeo – our own Justin McKee & Flint Rasmussen. Chuck was the soundman for the PBR World Finals and many of the PBR TV events from 2004 – 2010. His wife RaeC with son, Austin, and daughter, Ashtin, travel with him most summers. The family agrees “St. Paul is our favorite family outing.” Austin worked the sound at the Marysville, CA, rodeo this year and Ashtin has sung the National Anthem here at St. Paul and other rodeos through the West. Making so many great rodeo friends along the way is Chuck’s favorite part.

Alfred PohlschneiderAlfred Pohlschneider (Rodeo General Membership)

ALFRED is a St. Paul, Oregon, farmer and 43- year St. Paul Rodeo member (since 1970). He started with SPR as an usher, moved up to Co-chairman, and landed as Chairman of the usher committee for 30 years. Al spreads his service work all around St. Paul---SPFD from 1971-2005 in all positions including Chief; SP School District Director for 17 years; SP Cemetery Board since 1977. Alfred’s wife Mary Ellen and five children are all SPR volunteers. Son, Sam, is a SPR member. Al’s brother Wally is the grounds director on the SPR Board. Alfred says “I have enjoyed watching the St. Paul Rodeo develop into a professional organization over the years and I appreciate the volunteer efforts that make it the best rodeo in the nation.”

Steve JohnsonSteve Johnson (Timed Event)

STEVE of Canby, Oregon, is in the running for a “longevity” award at SPR, entering for more than 30 years! He began in the Pendleton area and moved to Canby in 1969, where he has been a full time plumbing contractor. He starting entering rodeos in the 70s, including St. Paul. Steve won the SPR Team Roping Championship in 1990 as a heeler with Dean Turner. He has also won Molalla and placed at Canby, along with go-round and short-round qualifications at Pendleton. Steve has been a past Timed- Event Director for Columbia River Circuit and is currently on the Board at Canby. Steve’s wife, Jill, is a barrel racer; daughter Tara runs barrels and is married to Randy Polich, a past NFR qualifier in team roping. His favorite things about SPR are “the hospitality of the whole organization and their production of a fine PRCA rodeo.”

Lloyd FariaLloyd Faria (Contract Personnel)

LLOYD, of Gerber, California, is a 20-plus year Pick-up Man at St. Paul Rodeo, and may get back into the stirrups this year, if only for the memories. SPR Livestock Director Steve Coleman says “Lloyd is the real deal, a cowboy’s cowboy.” Lloyd has spent his life between Ada, OK, and the Red Bluff, CA, area. He was a bull rider and bareback rider for awhile in the 70s and 80s, around the time that stock contractor John Growney was trying the same thing. He first came to St. Paul as a Pick-Up Man in the early 80s. Lloyd claims “I like all the cowboy stuff, especially old traditions and wild cowboy ways. Because of that, my three favorite rodeos have always been St. Paul, Pendleton, and Red Bluff.”

Years 1998-2012 Inductees


Don ColemanDon Coleman (deceased) (St. Paul Rodeo Officer/Director)

Don was a lifelong resident of St. Paul. He was a SPR Director for 29 years between 1957 & 1985 and was President from 1975-77. Along with wife Maureen (2000 SPR Hall of Fame Inductee), the Colemans spent many years here as Chairpersons of our Queen and Court Committee. They raised a large rodeo family. Six of the ten Coleman children remain directly involved with SPR: son Steve has been our SPR Livestock Director since 1979, daughter Rosemary was Queen of SPR in 1967, son Jerry is a SPR member, son Ken makes the leather chaps for our SPR Royalty. Daughter Patty is a hostess in our hospitality tent during timed event slacks and Father Ed works the chutes

Don FerschweilerDon Ferschweiler (Rodeo General Membership)

Don is a St. Paul, Oregon native and forty year St. Paul Rodeo member (since 1972). His parents Leo and Nell were SPR members and Don began with us by helping his dad with rodeo sign-posting. In 1990, he “moved up” from his gateman position to Chairman and has handled the scheduling for every rodeo & PBR performance since then. Don is a loyal chap, and has also worked for the local John Deere dealership for 40-plus years. When asked how he sees St. Paul Rodeo today, Don says “it feels real good to see today’s volunteers are proving that instead of dying out, SPR committees are getting stronger as we go.”

Fred WhitfieldFred Whitfield (Timed Event Cowboy)

Of Hockley, Tx, Fred is a multiple winner and fan favorite at St. Paul Rodeo. He won the Tie- Down Roping Event here in 1991 & 2001 and captured the World All-Around title in 1999. Fred has won seven World Tie- Down Roping Titles for 91-95-96-99-00- 02-05 in 14 qualifications for the NFR. His family includes wife Cassie and daughters Savannah and Sydney. Fred is a big man in the timed events at 6’2” and 210. His “raise the roof” gesture caught on long ago with fans across the country, and we are hoping to

Sonny HansenSonny Hansen (deceased) (Contract Personnel)

Sonny hailed from Ontario, Oregon. He was a seven-year “world-class” Pick-up Man at St. Paul Rodeo. SPR Stock Contractor John Growney said of him, “Sonny was one of those super nice guys. He was pretty quiet, but he had all the qualities you want – he was soft spoken, never had anything bad to say about anyone, and did a great job raising his two boys.” Peers have noted, Sonny always had the best horses and tack. He died suddenly September 29, 2011 in an arena accident at the TVCC practice arena in Ontario, where he was the college rodeo coach. Sonny is survived by wife Jackie, twin sons Clayton & Chase, and stepsons Trevor and Jarod. Clayton & Chase carry on the fine rodeo tradition of the Hansen family. The entire St. Paul Rodeo family misses Sonny!

Loren ObristLoren Obrist/Rollin’ Acres (Contract Personnel)

Loren, of Gresham, Oregon has been the face of arena horse racing at St. Paul Rodeo. Loren staged races and competed here for forty years from 1960 to 2000. He started his “Rollin’ Acres” stable on SE 172nd in what was then Boring, OR. At St. Paul Rodeo, our past races included a Boy’s Pony Race, Cowgirl Race, St. Paul Derby, Baton Relay Race, and Pony Express. Our famous “Arborvitae Downs” nickname (by Bob Tallman) originated with trees as a method to mark the track in our oval arena. With his wife, Joy, of 57 years, Loren raised a daughter Robin and sons Ricky & Randy. Randy mostly rode game shows, but Ricky Obrist started young and became a professional jockey for 22 years. Loren is near 80 years old, has a few racehorses, and still operates heavy equipment. He says “I’ve been a millionaire three different times, and this time is the hardest.”


Les JohnsonLes Johnson (Riding Event Cowboy)

Les, of Valley Center, California, was a multiple winner in the Saddle Bronc Riding at St. Paul Rodeo in 1956, 1958, & 1960. Les was born and raised in British Columbia and began breaking horses at age 12. He got bit by the rodeo bug in 1950, and traveled the US and Canada with five other "hands" beginning in 1953. Career highlights in addition to St. Paul include Bronc Riding wins at the Cow Palace, Moses Lake, Omak, Ellensburg, Albuquerque, El Paso, Omaha, Phoenix, Nampa, Red Bluff, and Pendleton Round-Up. Les qualified and placed 2nd at the first NFR in 1959. During those years, he competed with "toughs" like Casey Tibbs, Deb Copenhaver, Marty Wood, the Teschers, Enoch Walker, Guy Weeks, and Jackie Wright. Les, along with wife Judy, remain passionate rodeo fans and supporters.

Ed BrentanoEd Brentano (deceased) (Rodeo General Membership)

Ed was a native St. Paul resident and long-time rodeo member along with his wife Carol. He joined the St. Paul Rodeo Association in 1959, a year before marriage - sponsored by his uncle Lawrence Bunning, a Director at the time. Ed loved to wear his cowboy hat during rodeo week and work behind the scenes; his position as a gateman committee co-chair gave him the opportunity to serve and welcome fans to St. Paul Rodeo. Ed and Carol's family has been raised in the western lifestyle. John & wife K'Lyn, Kathy & husband Greg, Dan & wife Tani, Pete & wife Wendy, and Peggy & husband Kevin are all SPR members. Son Tom & wife Janis will be joining us this year with their daughter Taylor, who won our SPR scholarship for a SPHS graduate. For Ed, SPR always went well with God & Country. God Bless the USA!

Clay FinleyClay Finley (Timed Event Cowboy)

Clay, of Mt. Vernon, Oregon, was a multiple winner/fan favorite at St. Paul Rodeo in the late 70s & 80s and he reports that SPR is his favorite rodeo of all time! Clay won the Calf Roping Event here in 1975 & 1979 and he captured our All-Around title in 1975 & 1981. His father Ben Finley led him into the rodeo business, helping Clay get his Permit at age 12 (must be 18 today) and his PRCA card at age 16. Clay competed hard into the 90's and still goes for a little jackpot Team Roping. He runs the Silver Spur Café in Mt. Vernon with his wife Dale, and delivers mail to Pendleton several times per week. Their son Colt and daughter Candy also enjoy the western lifestyle, and two nephews - Chad Finley & Ty Holly are entered this year in our Tie-Down Roping.

Bill SmithBill Smith Sr. (deceased) (St. Paul Rodeo Officers/Directors)

A lifelong resident of St. Paul and a son of the primary founder of St. Paul Rodeo - William M. Smith. Bill was a SPR Director for 33 years between 1955 & 1988 and was President from 1971-74. He competed and performed at the rodeo in his youth including the Boy's Pony Race, Hop Buggy Race, Chariot Race, Roman Riding, and Wild Horse Race. Bill's title during his time on the Board was Arena Director, and so was horseback in the arena for all performances of SPR. Along with wife Donna (40 year ticket chair), Bill raised a family passionate about rodeo, especially St. Paul Rodeo. Son Bill with wife Cindy is a third-generation SPR Director and Arena Director, like his dad. Cheri & husband Phil and Lisa & husband Eric are also SPR members. Bill's grandchildren are set to become the next generation of SPR faithful!

Mary Ann ZielinskiMary Ann Zielinski (Rodeo General Membership)

Mary Ann, of Gervais, Oregon, is a St. Paul native and long-time rodeo member with her husband Glen. Mary Ann is well-known up and down the Willamette Valley for her voice and musical talent. She has been our premier National Anthem soloist at St. Paul Rodeo for 35 years now. She has braved the weather and arena soil, along with the firecrackers during the anthem, going back to America's Bi-Centennial year. Mary Ann is the music director at Gervais/St. Louis Catholic Parish and sings with the Willamette Master Chorus for fun. Her parents John & Priscilla Kirk raised a large family of SPR fans and volunteers, with Mary Ann leading the way. Brother John & wife Stacey, brother Chris, and sister Debbie & husband Mike are also SPR members.


Joe BeaverJoe Beaver (Timed Event Cowboy)

Joe Beaver, of Huntsville, Texas, is a St. Paul favorite and multiple All-Around Champion here – in 1998, 2001 & 2002. In 1995, he won our Calf Roping and in 2001 he set the SPR arena record in Team Roping (4.2 sec.) with Tom Bourne. He has three World All-Around Titles (1995, 1996 & 2000) and won the world five times in Calf Roping – 1985, 1987, 1988, 1992 & 1993. Joe has won nearly $3 million in rodeo and qualified for the National Finals an impressive 22 times in his 25-year PRCA career. For the past five years, he has been the timed-event color commentator for ESPN’s presentations of the National Finals Rodeo. Joe gives roping clinics and operates roping schools and his son Brody is the 2009 National High School Champion in boy’s cutting.

Joe BaumgartnerJoe Baumgartner (Contract Personnel)

Joe Baumgartner, of Red Bluff, California, is known to all as the premier bullfighter in the country. “Original” Joe came to St. Paul with the Growney Bros. Rodeo Co. as a hired hand and livestock feeder. He first fought bulls at St. Paul Rodeo as a cowboy lifesaver in 1993, making 2010 his 18th year with us in that capacity. In the meantime, Joe has been selected as a bullfighter for the National Finals Rodeo a record 14 times. He was also honored by the PRCA as “Bullfighter of the Year” four times from 2004 to 2007. He can be seen most weekends on Versus TV saving cowboys in the PBR Built Ford Tough events. We know that Joe has been qualified for our SPR Hall of Fame for some time already. Now at age 43, and still at the top of his game, we think it’s fitting to honor him on our 75th Anniversary Rodeo.

Rod HayRod Hay (Riding Event Cowboy)

Rod Hay, of Wildwood, Alberta in Canada, is an active competitor in the Saddle Bronc Riding event and is riding high with first place in the PRCA World Standings going into “Cowboy Christmas.” Rod has won our SPR Bronc Riding event three times – in 1992, 1993 & 2001. As a three-time winner here, he took home an original J. Shirly Bothum sculpt of our iconic “bucking horse logo” in the form of the C.J. Smith Memorial Trophy. Rod has won over $2¼ million in his 20-year PRCA career, while placing 19 years in the top 15 to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo. Having already earned second and third places in year-end standings, we’re all hoping for a World Title for Rod in 2010!

Maurice SmithMaurice Smith (deceased) (St. Paul Rodeo Officers/Directors)

Maurice was a lifelong resident of St. Paul and one of eight founders of St. Paul Rodeo in 1936. He sat on the Board of Directors for our first 10 years and served as Vice-President in 1939-40. Maurice was an original SPR arena pick-up man on his black horse “Chico.” Maurice and wife Mae raised a St. Paul Rodeo family – daughter Shirley was SPR Queen in 1944; Dee was Crown Princess in 1947 and is a SPR Hall of Famer; Nancy and Jerry are rodeo members. Daughter Pat (deceased) was SPR member and Margaret (deceased) was Queen in 1952. Maurice’s grandsons Grant McKillip and Randy Ernst serve today as SPR Directors. Granddaughter Karen Tuck (1991 SPR Queen) heads up rodeo ticket sales with another granddaughter Laura Scott.

Jerry HalterJerry Halter (Rodeo General Membership)

Jerry Halter, now of Culver, Oregon, has spent his life on both sides of the Cascades, between Woodburn and Eastern Oregon. Jerry and wife Sandy are long-time SPR members. In the mid-1960s, Jerry and his brother Bill joined their dad, Tony, as flag-bearers for St. Paul Rodeo. For a span of 35 years, the Halter family carried the flags horseback in our 4th of July parades and posted the colors in Grand Entries. Their long-time routine included keeping horses and tack in shape and attending Tony’s “required practices” each year. Jerry says that “St. Paul Rodeo is all we’ve known over the 4th of July. The feeling I always get in that arena while Mary Ann sings the anthem fills me with pride and emotion as a cowboy and a patriot.” Jerry’s induction brings the legacy full-circle with all three Halters together in the SPR Hall of Fame!


Mike BeersMike Beers (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

Mike is from Post, Oregon and is a past St. Paul Rodeo Champion. In 1987, he won our Calf Roping and All-Around titles. Mike has qualified for the National Finals Rodeo an impressive 24 times in his 30- year PRCA career. Still active, he most recently qualified for the NFR in team roping with his son Brandon. He also stages team roping schools in Canada for most of the summer. Mike says that St. Paul has always been a favorite rodeo, due to its unique traditional arena (with arborvitae) and the energy of the Board to grow with the PRCA – by joining the Gold Tour and going back-to-back in timed events. On many July mornings, Mike gets up before 6 a.m. to brag on SPR for the Portland TV remote broadcasts about this “great big rodeo in the little bitty town.”

Bill Nelson (Riding Event Cowboy)

Bill, originally of San Francisco, is now a ranch foreman in the foothills east of Redding at Whitmore, CA. Bill won our SPR Bull Riding event in 1972 & 1976 and was SPR Bronc Riding champion in 1980. He also claimed our All-Around in ‘76 & ‘80. Bill was the 1971 Bull Riding Champion of the World. Some might remember that in 1976 a picture of Bill, under a bull in St. Paul, was the Oregon Sports photo of the year. This shot was picked up by the AP and later appeared in the “National Enquirer.” Bill spent much of his life in Eastern Oregon at Juntura. His son William rode broncs in the PRCA for awhile and is now married, living in Caldwell, ID.

Jason and Buck Smith of The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (Contract Personnel)

As long as anyone can remember (circa 1940), the Warm Springs Indians have furnished the wild horses for St. Paul Rodeo’s feature event – the Wild Horse Race. Long-time SPR folks remember weekend trips to the reservation each spring to negotiate the deal and smoke the peace pipe. SPR founders Ray Manegre & J.G. McKillip were in on most of these trips. Since 1986, Buck & Jason Smith, of the Wasco Tribe, have been in charge of the horse contracting operation. They first competed together here in 1984 and Jason’s team has won the event 16 or 17 times. At age 50, in 1988, Buck beat Jason with another partner. We honor them, along with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.

Carl J. Smith (deceased) (St. Paul Rodeo Officers/Directors)

Carl was as a lifelong resident of St. Paul and one of the eight founders of St. Paul Rodeo in 1936. He sat on the Board of Directors from 1936 to 1954 and served as Secretary/Treasurer for ten of those years. He and his wife Anne (1998 inductee) worked diligently on most all phases of the rodeo in the early years and were instrumental in getting it off the ground. A true rodeo family – daughter Maryanne was SPR Queen in 1941, daughter Karen was Queen in 1960 (our 25th annual), and son Gene served as SPR secretary from 1951 to 1986. The other two boys, Tom and Dick, competed in the Boy’s Pony Race at SPR..

Mary McKay (Rodeo General Membership)

Mary is now of St. Paul, Oregon and was Co-Chair of the St. Paul Rodeo Ticket Committee for over 30 years and remains active on various rodeo & community committees. Mary, from nearby Woodburn, married St. Paul native Bob McKay in 1951 and worked in St. Paul, Gervais, and Woodburn schools, retiring after many years with the Woodburn District. Mary & Bob “assigned” their children to volunteer for SPR very early on. Their daughter, Susan, was a SPR Princess in 1972 and another daughter, Karen, was SPR Princess in 1985. Son Bruce “Cope” McKay was a professional bull rider and competed a number of times at St. Paul before his untimely death in 1980. Daughter Nancy and son Dave are longtime SPR members, completing the family legacy.


Jerri Mann (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

Jerri Mann, now of Bakersfield, California (formerly Eugene) is a three-time St. Paul Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion. Her first win here was in 1977. She followed that up with two more 1st place finishes in 1981 & 1982. Jerri says that St. Paul has always been her favorite rodeo and she began attending here with her family as a young girl. She continues to train horses and educate barrel racers. Jerri represents the WPRA as Director for the State of California. She and husband Del continue to compete in professional rodeo throughout the West.

Dwight Maddox (deceased) (Riding Event Cowboy)

Dwight Maddox spent his life rodeoing and ranching in Weiser, Idaho. Dwight was a twotime Bull Riding champ here at St. Paul. He won our Bull Riding in 1955 and 1961 and was reserve All-Around Champion in 1955. In the early days, Dwight and his brother, Clark, liked to hang around the Rodeo Office and were pretty well-known around St. Paul. Dwight’s son Dave and family carry on the family tradition on the ranch in Weiser. Dave and his son (Dwight’s grandson) are both active in the rodeo world today.

Rob Smets (Contract Personnel)

Rob Smets, now living in Merkel, Texas worked thirteen times as a bullfighter for St. Paul Rodeo beginning here with Wick Peth in 1982 – through 1995 with Joe Baumgartner. Rob was a six-time NFR bullfighter (and 5x alternate), most recently in 2000. He fought bulls for the Professional Bull Riders from their inception including a prestigious nine times at the PBR World Finals. Rob also had much success and won the Wrangler Bullfight competitions five times, as showcased at the NFR. In 2006, he was inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs. Rob’s early rodeo days were closely connected to Christensen Bros. livestock contractors of Eugene & Roseburg. His father and daughters are still living in Oregon.

Bill Halter (St. Paul Rodeo Officers/Directors)

Bill Halter, of Aurora, Oregon served on our Board of Directors from 1988 to 1997. He accomplished a lot in that time. While on the board, Bill modernized our marketing and grew our sponsorship and profit-making activities. He served as president from 1994-96. Bill was the catalyst for development of the St. Paul Rodeo “Wild West Art Show” (now called Western Showcase) in 1995. His father, Tony, entered this Hall of Fame in the class of 2001. Bill, his wife Lia and family have been SPR supporters all their lives. Daughter Julie was a SPR Princess in 1992 and returned as Queen in 1996. Bill carried and posted the colors at SPR for 30+ years with his father, Tony and brother, Jerry. Most recently he ramrodded the tack room expansion and remodel.

Roger and Brenda Howard (Rodeo General Membership)

Roger and Brenda Howard, of St. Louis, Oregon were Chairpersons of the St. Paul Rodeo “Wild West Art Show” (now Western Showcase) during the show’s initial six years – from 1995 through 2000. The Howards became the perfect fit as they were already serious collectors of western art, attending shows around the Northwest. As a result of their good work, locals anticipate the arrival of the “big-top” every June, while visitors enjoy the opportunity to see and shop top-notch western art and accessories. From this show came the SPR Collector Poster Contest and the Hall of Fame/Kickoff Barbecue. Thanks, Roger and Brenda!


Jackie Wright (Rough Stock Rider)

Jackie Wright, (Rough Stock Rider) now of Tigard, grew up in Dayville, Oregon and is a two-event champion of St. Paul Rodeo and a NFR qualifier. He won our Bareback Riding event in 1963, and he won our Saddle Bronc riding and All-Around in 1966. Jackie was a fixture around the entry office in those days as an “old-school cowboy” who normally traveled with roughstock riders Jim Roeser and George Menkenmeier. Jackie’s son, Scotty, carried on the family rodeo tradition by becoming a high school rodeo champ and competing in the Bareback event throughout the Columbia River Circuit.

Dan & Linda Russell (Contract Act/Personnel)

Western Rodeos, Inc. – Dan & Linda Russell, (Contract Act/Personnel) now living in Henryetta, Oklahoma (also based in Folsom, CA) have been supplying rodeo livestock to St. Paul Rodeo since 1989. This year marks 19 consecutive years for us with the Russell family. Over that span, due to a great breeding program, Western Rodeos has had many honors numerous times. The Russell name is synonymous with rodeo as three generations, starting with Dan H., now including son, Dan J., have been involved.

Gary Simon (Board/Committeeman)

Gary Simon, (Board/Committeeman) of Woodburn, Oregon served on our Board of Directors from 1986 to 1997. He accomplished a lot in that time. While on the Board, Gary and his wife, Diane, chaired our Queen & Court committee. Gary served as SPR treasurer for ten years and ascended to the role of President in 1997. He was the driving force behind the formation of this Hall of Fame in 1998. Gary was instrumental in creating the St. Paul Rodeo Foundation, and he also helped to get Gene Smith’s book on the St. Paul Rodeo off the ground. Along with Diane and their daughter and son-in-law, Gary continues to have an active role with the St. Paul Rodeo.

Buddy Schneider (General Membership)

Buddy Schneider, (General Membership) of St. Paul, was the “Man in White” at St. Paul Rodeo for many years. It was Buddy’s job to keep our traditional rodeo stadium white and bright with gallons of paint, and he took great pride in his work. When writers and photographers came to the grounds for their pre-rodeo stories, it was often Buddy who became the face of the St. Paul Rodeo. He liked to say, “Look at me – white again!” Buddy’s wife, Nancy, and daughter, Laura, are regulars in the Ticket Office and his step-sons have all competed in our Wild Horse Race.

John Weisz (General Membership)

John Weisz, (General Membership) farmer and rancher of Gervais, Oregon has been involved with St. Paul Rodeo for many years. In his earlier days, when the Wild Cow Milking was a major timed event here, John’s strength as a mugger made him a champion. He has managed our unsaddling chute under the Section C grandstand for most of his life. John’s daughter, Pam, was Queen of St. Paul Rodeo in 1979, and his sister, Darlene, was a SPR princess. His brother-in-law, Larry Mahan, is rodeo’s pride and joy from Brooks, Oregon. Along with this wife, Gerri, and son, Greg, John continues to support St Paul Rodeo and hasn’t retired his position yet.


Jim Bothum (Rough Stock Rider)

Jim Bothum, (Rough Stock Rider) Prineville, Oregon was raised in the Woodburn area and won the Saddle Bronc riding at St. Paul Rodeo for the first time in 1965. In 1983, he came back and won it again. Jim came from a large family of rodeo enthusiasts including his deceased brother, J. Shirly Bothum, nationally recognized bronze sculptor. His cowboy nephew, David, has also competed in the Saddle Bronc Riding at St. Paul. Year Inducted 2006

Rudy Doucette (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

Rudy Doucette, (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl) of Keizer, Oregon competed in all timed events at St. Paul during the fifties. Rudy was the Calf Roping Champion at St. Paul in 1951. The same year, he set our arena record in the Wild Cow Milking (17.8 seconds). Rudy was our Steer Wrestling Champion in 1954. He has always enjoyed the Western lifestyle, and was able to ³play² cowboy, in his Hollywood career as a cowboy actor. He married and raised a family with our 1951 St. Paul Rodeo princess, Joanne Coleman.

Don Kish (Contract Act/Personnel)

Don Kish, (Contract Act/Personnel) Red Bluff, California is in his 25th year as a rodeo stock contractor supplying stock to the St. Paul Rodeo. He arrived here with Growney Bros Rodeo in 1982 and has served as pick-up man in our arena. Don is well known in rodeo circles as owner/supplier of many of the greatest bucking bulls of all time, including the incomparable Wolfman who bucked Wade Leslie to a perfect 100 point ride. Over the years, Don has had many great bulls qualify for the WNFR and the PBR World Finals.

Jim Gooding (Board/Committeeman)

Jim Gooding, (Board/Committeeman) (deceased) St. Paul, Oregon was one of the original eight founders of the St. Paul Rodeo. He served on our Board of Directors from 1936 to 1941. Jim owned a general store/tavern in the center of town. His business savvy and rapport with the bank made it possible for the rodeo to borrow needed funds during its early days. Jim's son, Charles, grandson Charlie (Skip), granddaughter Charlotte Kelly and their respective families continue the Gooding tradition as St. Paul Rodeo members.

Pat Smith (General Membership)

Pat Smith, (General Membership) St. Paul, has held an active role in our rodeo since age 21 in 1951 when her husband, Gene, became Secretary-Treasurer of the St. Paul Rodeo. She served as the secretary's secretary until 1997 when Gene retired from the Board. She also served many years on the Queen and Court Committee and later helped organize many of our court reunions. In recent years, Pat has served the rodeo as consultant to son, Kevin, current rodeo secretary and historian.


Doug Brown (Rough Stock Rider)

Doug Brown, (Rough Stock Rider) native of Silverton, Oregon competed in the Saddle Bronc and Bull Riding events at St. Paul over twenty years, from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s. Doug is the 1969 PRCA World Champion Bull Rider. He married our 1964 SPR Queen, Darcy Dunson, and has stayed connected to St. Paul, including serving as an official judge at the St. Paul Rodeo. He continues along the rodeo trail, while representing the Justin Boot Company, an official PRCA national sponsor.

Jimmie Cooper (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

Jimmie Cooper, (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl) Monument, New Mexico ranks in the top 100 PRCA money earners of all time. Jimmie was the 1983 Steer Wrestling Champion at St. Paul and won our all-Around prize in 1983, 1985, and 1986. This feat earned him permanent possession of the fourth President's Trophy presented in our rodeo's 70-year history. Jimmie is the 1981 PRCA World Champion All-Around Cowboy. He continues to compete in rodeo; we expect to see him return to St. Paul this year.

Bob Tallman (Contract Act/Personnel)

Bob Tallman, (Contract Act/Personnel) Weatherford, Texas has announced the St. Paul Rodeo fifteen times since 1988 and doesn't intend to stop now. In 2004, Bob was inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs. He has been behind the microphone for eighteen National Finals Rodeos and named PRCA Announcer of the Year seven times. During his illustrious career, he has graced most of the premier events in the sport with his voice, command of information, and showmanship. Bob's life has taken him from Nevada to Oregon to Texas, where is now resides with his wife, Kristen.

Steve Coleman (Board/Committeeman)

Steve Coleman, (Board/Committeeman) Molalla, Oregon grew up in a rodeo family in St. Paul and continues to farm and ranch in the area. As a contestant, he won the Bareback Riding event here in 1980. First elected to the SPR Board of Directors in 1979, Steve served as President from 1988-1990, and continues to be an integral part of SPR as Chute Boss and Livestock Director. In 2003, Steve was selected by the PRCA as Justin's Committeeman of the Year, an honor he graciously shared with our entire membership. His connection in the rodeo world and his expertise with livestock are invaluable resources for the St. Paul Rodeo. His wife, Cathy, and his children are all rodeo enthusiasts. His mother, Maureen, entered our Hall of Fame in 2000.

Donna Smith (General Membership)

Donna Smith (deceased), (General Membership) St. Paul, Oregon was a mainstay of the St Paul Rodeo Ticket Committee beginning in 1953, chairing it for 40 years, until her retirement in 1997. Donna served on the Rodeo's Board of Directors from 1989 through 1997, including three years as Vice-President. Along with her husband, Bill, a 33 year SPR director, Donna lived and breathed St. Paul Rodeo. They raised their family in the western lifestyle, and their children continue the tradition today. Their son Bill is the current President of the St. Paul Rodeo and daughters, Cheri and Lisa are SPR members. Donna's father-in-law, William M. Smith, was the first President of the St. Paul Rodeo.


Clay O'Brien Cooper (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

Clay O'Brien Cooper, (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl) Glen Rose, Texas is one of the elite - a 1.7 million dollar ProRodeo money earner. He joined the PRCA in 1979 and won $103,478 while placing fifth for the world in heeling just last year. Clay was a Champion Team Roper at St. Paul in 1989, 1992, 1997 and won our Calf Roping in 1988. He was St. Paul All-Around Champ in 1992 and 1995. Clay has seven world titles in Team Roping - 1985-86-87-88-89-92-94.

Stub Johnson (Contract Act/Personnel)

Stub Johnson, (Contract Act/Personnel) St. Helens, Oregon has been a big part of the St. Paul Rodeo for over 40 years. He competed in several events and worked as pick-up man here with Christensen Brothers Rodeo Co. during the '60's and '70's. Stub has been St. Paul Rodeo's timed event Chute Boss for many years, retiring last year, 2003.

Judy Ackley (Contract Act/Personnel)

Judy Ackley (Contract Act/Personnel) lives with her husband, Dan, in Prineville, Oregon. She has been our St. Paul Rodeo entry office secretary since 1988, a 16 year span. Judy was honored to serve as secretary of the WNFR in Las Vegas in 2002 and has, also, secretaried many large and small rodeos in the West, including Pendleton, Ellensburg, Hermiston, Sublimity, and Puyallup.

Ted McKillip (Board/Committeeman)

Ted McKillip (deceased), (Board/Committeeman) St. Paul, Oregon served on the Board of Directors from 1960 to 1989. He was rodeo Vice-President from 1974 to 1977 and President from 1978 through 1980. Ted and his wife, Margaret, served on many rodeo committees, but his grandest accomplishment was establishing and maintaining the St. Paul Rodeo Tack Room bar under the grandstands at Section E.

Ray Richardson (General Membership)

Ray Richardson, (General Membership) St. Paul, Oregon has been a mainstay of the St. Paul Rodeo Grounds Committee for 30 years. He began by helping his friend, Cy Ferschweiler, and has continued to be an integral player in the upkeep of our fine facility. Because of people like Ray, our arena has a national reputation for its beauty. Ray is available to the Association for all kinds of chores, at any time of the year, whenever the need arises.


Bruce Ford (Rough Stock Rider)

Bruce Ford, (Rough Stock Rider) of Kersey, Colorado, was Bareback Riding Champion at St. Paul in 1985 and 1989 and World Champion Bareback Rider five times — 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1987. He can be remembered for his western handle-bar mustache, very visible in the arena.

Pat Nogle (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

Pat Nogle , (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl) of Grass Valley, Oregon, was the Steer Wrestling Champion at St. Paul in 1976, 1986, and 1992. He continues to compete in the arena and his family is involved in high-school rodeo in the Northwest.

Wick Peth (Contract Act/Personnel)

Wick Peth, (Contract Act/Personnel) of Bow, Washington was the first real bullfighter at the S. Paul Rodeo and was here with us for eight years. He dressed in clown clothes with baggy pants, but only worked the bull-riding event. Wick was chosen to work the National Finals Rodeo many times.

Bill Miller (Board/Committeeman)

Bill Miller (Board/Committeeman) , St. Paul, Oregon, served 21 years on the Board of Directors, was Vice-President in 1988-1990 and President in 1991-1993. His special areas of concern were concessions and maintenance. Bill was and is always available throughout the year for whatever needs to be done at the grounds. Along with his wife, Donna, bill has served on the Queen and Court Committee for a very long time.

George Bernards (General Membership)

George Bernards (General Membership) , St. Paul, Oregon, worked as a Chairman of the Gatemen Committee for many, many years and served on the Trail-ride Refreshment Committee probably since its inception. He has been a true rodeo supporter, riding his horse and supplying a horse for so-inclined parish priest and other dignitaries over the years.


Walker, Enoch (Rough Stock Rider)

Walker, Enoch (deceased) (Rough Stock Rider) of Cody, Wyoming was St. Paul Saddle Bronc Riding Champion in 1957, 1958 and 1964 and World Champion SB Rider in 1960. During his last appearance at the National Finals Rodeo, his horse reared in the chute with him and seriously injured his back. Enoch died at the age of 45 and left three sons who reside in the Billings, Montana area.

OLIVER, Dean (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

OLIVER, Dean, (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl) Boise, Idaho, was St. Paul Rodeo Calf Roping Champion in 1960, 1962 & 1974 and World Champion Calf Roper eight times: 1955, 1958, 1960-1964, & 1969. He was also World Champion All-Around Cowboy in 1963, 1964, & 1965. Dean is well known in rodeo and has served as Calf Roping Director of the PRCA many times.

GROWNEY, John (Contract Act/Personnel)

GROWNEY, John, (Contract Act/Personnel) Managing Director of Growney Brothers Rodeo Company of Red Bluff, California, has been a stock contractor at St. Paul since 1982. He was elected PRCA Stock Contractor of the Year in 2000. Growney Brothers is home to the bull, Wolfman, who teamed with cowboy, Wade Leslie for the only 100-point ride in pro-rodeo history.

FERSCHWEILER, Cy (Board/Committeeman)

FERSCHWEILER, Cy, (deceased) (Board/Committeeman) Gervais, Oregon, served on the Board of Directors from 1972 to 1998, was Vice-President from 1983 to 1985 and President from 1986 to 1989. Cy was chairman of the Grounds Committee for many, many years. For weeks prior to the rodeo, he spent more time at the grounds doing whatever was needed than any other rodeo member, sometimes enlisting the help of his wife, Anita.

McKillip, Delores "Dee" (General Membership)

McKillip, Delores "Dee" (General Membership) , St. Paul, Oregon grew up with the rodeo. Her father, Maurice Smith, was one of its eight founders. Dee rode in parades and grand entries, was a rodeo princess in 1947, and competed in the Girls’ Barrel Race and other horse races. She and her husband, John, worked on the Queen’s Committee, and Dee has served as Rodeo Social Chairman for many years. She continues to be seen riding her horse around the community.


Joe Alexander (Rough Stock Rider)

Joe Alexander (Rough Stock Rider) - Of Cora, WY, St. Paul Rodeo Bareback Riding Champion in 1973, 1976, and 1977. He was also the World's Champion Bareback Rider from 1971 through 1976. Joe had a classic bareback riding style and won first at nearly every major rodeo in the country

Bob Ragsdale (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

Bob Ragsdale - (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl) Of Chowchilla, CA, St. Paul Rodeo Champion Calf Roper in 1963, 1964, 1969, and 1970 (the only four-time winner in any event at St. Paul) and St. Paul All-Around Champion Cowboy in 1963 and 1969. He is an ex-president of the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association.

Wilbur Plaugher (Contract Act/Personnel)

Wilbur Plaugher (Contract Act/Personnel) - Of Sanger, CA, Rodeo Clown and Bull Fighter, first hired at St. Paul in 1962. From that time until 1990, he worked our rodeo 15 different years. Wilbur was known throughout the nation as a "funny man" and in his younger days also rode saddle broncs and wrestled steers.

John McKillip, Sr. (Board/Committeeman)

John McKillip, Sr. (deceased) (Board/Committeeman) - One of the eight original founders of the rodeo, he served as Director 1936-1970, Secretary 1936 & 1937, Vice-President 1952-1954, and President 1955-1970. John was in charge of grounds, concessions and wild horses for many of our early years.

Tony Halter (General Membership)

Tony Halter (General Membership) - Long-time Rodeo Member, served four years on the Board of Directors in the early 1970s. Tony led all rodeo grand entries and parades for over 40 years carrying the American flag and was joined in later years by his sons, Bill and Jerry. They took special care with matching horses and equipment.


Harry Tompkins (Rough Stock Rider)

Harry Tompkins (Rough Stock Rider) - St. Paul Bull Riding Champion 1950,1951,1954 and Bareback Riding Champion 1953, 1954. P.R.C.A. Champion Bull Rider 1948,1949,1950,1952,1960, Champion Bareback Rider 1952 and All-Around Champion 1952,1960. In 1964, Harry designed our rodeo bucking chutes, which are still in use.

Harry Charters (deceased) (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

Harry Charters (deceased) (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl) - St. Paul Rodeo All-Around Champion 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964; St. Paul Champion Steer Wrestler in 1959, 1961, 1962, 1964 and Champion Calf Roper 1961, 1964. P.R.C.A. World Champion Steer Wrestler in 1959. Harry was a large cowboy with a big smile and was a crowd-favorite here.

Christensen Brothers (Contract Act/Personnel)

Christensen Brothers (Contract Act/Personnel) , Livestock Contractors - Henry (deceased) and Bob Christensen supplied rodeo stock for St. Paul for a couple of years in the early '40s and again from 1961 to 1990, the last few years as a part of the Christensen/Vold string. Bob, Jr. was manager of their organization during many of the later years.

Gene Smith (deceased) (Board/Committeeman)

Gene Smith (deceased) (Board/Committeeman) - Served as St. Paul Rodeo Secretary for 46 years. His father, Carl, was one of the original founders of the rodeo and Gene has been a part of the rodeo all of his life. In 1988, he was selected Justin Committeeman of the Year. Gene wrote a book, "The St. Paul Rodeo, My Labor of Love", which chronicles the birth and development of the rodeo.

Maureen Coleman (General Membership)

Maureen Coleman (General Membership) - Along with her husband, Don, she served as Chairman of the Queen and Court Committee for 27 years and raised a large family of rodeo participants and fans. Maureen has always had her heart in rodeo and has been one of our best volunteers.


Jim Shoulders (Rough Stock Rider)

Jim Shoulders, (Rough Stock Rider) Henryetta, OK St. Paul Rodeo Bareback Riding Champion in 1951, '52 and '55 and Bull Riding Champion in 1948, '49, and '52. Jim held 16 P.R.C.A. World Championships and went on to become a rodeo producer. He was featured in Wrangler commercials and, over the years, his name became synonymous withthe sport of rodeo.

Buddy Groff (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

Buddy Groff, (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl) Hondo TX All-Around Champion Cowboy at St. Paul in 1951, '53, '55, '58, retiring one of our three-win trophies. His event wins were Calf Roping in 1953, '55, , and '58; Steer Wrestling in 1955, and Wild Cow Milking in 1951 and '53. Once offered the chance to try out with the St. Louis Cardinals, he declined in favor of a rodeo career.

Charmayne James (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

Charmayne James, (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl) Stephenville, TX Along with her great horse, Scamper, she won the Barrel Racing at St. Paul from 1989 to 1994, inclusive, and was World Champion Barrel Racer ten times. Charmayne started P.R.C.A. barrel racing in 1984 at the age of 14 and continues to be very competitive in the event.

Harley M. Tucker (Contract Act/Personnel)

Harley M. Tucker (Contract Act/Personnel), Joseph, OR (deceased) Stock Contractor who furnished livestock for our rodeo from 1944 to 1960 when he died suddenly at a rodeo in Vancouver, WA. Harley and his stock helped St. Paul get established during those growing-up years. He was inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City in 1998.

Ray Manegre (Board/Committeeman)

Ray Manegre (Board/Committeeman), St. Paul, OR (deceased) One of the eight original founders of the St. Paul Rodeo. He served on the Board of Directors from 1936 until 1959 and as Rodeo President for seventeen of those years. Ray passed away in 1963 and is remembered as a large man with a big smile who loved a good horse. Each of his daughters served as St. Paul Rodeo queen: Betty in 1942 and Mary Lou in 1947.


Larry Mahan (Rough Stock Rider)

Larry Mahan, (Rough Stock Rider) Brooks, OR Larry Mahan won his first trophy at the age of eight during the St. Paul Rodeo Parade. Mahan, always a "favorite son" in St. Paul, won only one event during the St. Paul Rodeo for Bareback Riding in 1971. Despite his lack of St. Paul Rodeo trophies, Mahan became the All-Around Champion Cowboy of the World in 1966 through 1970, and 1973.

Gene Rambo (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl)

Gene Rambo, (Timed Event Cowboy/Cowgirl) Shandon, CA (deceased) Gene Rambo is most noted for being the five event cowboy who won our first All-Around Cowboy Trophy with three consecutive wins in 1946, 1947, and 1948. His event wins at St. Paul were the Saddle Bronc Riding in 1946, the Bareback Riding and Calf Roping in 1948, and Steer Wrestling in 1949.

Mel Lambert (Contract Act/Personnel)

Mel Lambert (Contract Act/Personnel), Salem, OR Mel Lambert first appeared at the St. Paul Rodeo in navy uniform in 1943 trick roping in the arena with his son, Jerry. Lambert has since become a nationally recognized rodeo announcer, who served in that capacity at St. Paul Rodeo for 29 years. He was recently named to the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

William Smith (Board/Committeeman)

William Smith (Board/Committeeman), St. Paul, OR William Smith was the principal founder and first president of the St. Paul Rodeo from 1936 to 1938, when his untimely death occurred at the age of 41. Without his leadership, this rodeo might never have been established. His son Bill, and grandson Bill, have followed in his footsteps by participating on the St. Paul Rodeo Board.

Anne K. Smith (General Membership)

Anne K. Smith (General Membership), St. Paul, OR (deceased) Anne Smith, the wife of Rodeo Secretary Carl J. Smith, not only helped with her husbands duties, but served on every rodeo committee for its first 10-12 years often as chairperson. Her major endeavors advertising and publicity, queen and court, and St. Paul Rodeo Parade.