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Permanent Orders

Tickets are available to be placed on permanent order at the request of the purchaser. A permanent order request form can be completed and submitted to St. Paul Rodeo at any time, or orders may be filled over the phone by calling St. Paul Rodeo at 1-800-237-5920.

Permanent Order Request Form

Holders of permanent orders receive statements by mail in mid-January and payment is due in full by May 1 annually. If payment is not received, the order will be released by St. Paul Rodeo.

Prior to May 1 each year, if the permanent order holder wishes to purchase only a portion or none of their permanent order, they may release some or all seats to the St. Paul Rodeo to be sold without penalty of losing their permanent order for future years. If the permanent order holder has made no contact with the St. Paul Rodeo by May 1, it will be assumed that the entire order is being released for that year.

If the entire permanent order is released for two consecutive years, the permanent order with St. Paul Rodeo will be cancelled.

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