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Toughest Eight Seconds
a pen and ink image by Yvonne Petty, was selected to be the base of the 2017 St. Paul Rodeo and Wild West Art Show poster. Ms. Petty’s work totally captures the menacing power inherent in the bull’s all-seeing eye and the sinister portrayal of action with the sawed-off horn, both representing the intrigue of rodeo. Read more below...

About the Artist

Yvonne Petty is a third generation artist: Her grandmother was an oil painter and author of poetry and her mother a commercial artist and oil painter. Yvonne’s mediums of choice are pen and ink. Her family’s farming and ranch history and her association with horses have provided the basis for her love of Western and equine art.

The artist has the natural drive to create and share the world she sees (inherent in creative persons), in addition, she feels she honors her middle child who died in 2001; “Every drawing I do is in her memory as my way of honoring her. I want the world to see what I see in it: The innate beauty the world has which was created by the Master Artist that none of us can explain.”

Yvonne’s artistic goal is to “provide good art to people”… eye-catching art that stirs viewers’ feelings and emotions as she shares her views of the world. She is not concerned about fame and fortune, but rather to create memorable work that is passed from generation to generation. She says, “However, no matter where I go with my art, I hope the lasting impression I leave with people and their comments about me is “Yvonne is good people”.”


About the Work

Chiaroscuro, the effective play of shade and light in a black/white image is done here with stippling and cross hatching which tends toward realism in the finished work.


Printing facts

The poster was printed on a 6 color press, over-printing the RED twice forcing more POP. The blue is equally intense, but subdued by the black ground. The result is a “poster as strong as this bull!”

Get yours now!

Collector posters on sale now: Contact Karen at admin@stpaulrodeo.com or by phone 800-237-5920, locally 503-633-2011. After May 1, available at ticket office. During Rodeo, available in the Wild West Art Show tent.
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