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Harley Tucker Rodeo Series

This series was started in 1970 in honor of the late Harley Tucker, a past northwest rodeo producer and stock contractor from Joseph, OR who helped found Chief Joseph Days in 1946. At the time of his death in 1960, he was one of the nation's largest stock contractors, providing stock and producing over 25 rodeos in the Northwest each year. The series promotes participation among rodeo competitors. An award goes to the cowboy or cowgirl scoring the most points in a combination of the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show in Union, The St. Paul Rodeo in St. Paul, The Elgin Stampede in Elgin and Chief Joseph Days in Joseph. If the award is earned three times, the contestant receives an accumulating purse. In 1982, Butch Knowles of Heppner became the first three-time winner and earned $5,100. In 1990, Rocky Steagall of Irrigon became the second three-time winner and received $3,100. In July of 2008, Brad Goodrich became the third three-time winner of the accumulative award and received $10,500.

HARLEY TUCKER AWARD - for Contestants that don't know about this... This is a series that consists of four rodeos once produced by stock contractor, Harley Tucker: Eastern Oregon Livestock Show in Union, OR; St. Paul Rodeo; The Elgin Stampede; and Chief Joseph Days Rodeo. Whoever wins the most money at those 4 rodeos combined wins the award. You have to enter and compete at all four rodeos.
What do you win??? A cash bonus of $3000!!!! If you win the award THREE TIMES, you get an additional cash bonus, which continues to grow until someone wins it. It is currently sitting at $14000!!!! That is NOT a typo!
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