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Hall of Fame

The St. Paul Rodeo Association initiated a Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1998 for those outstanding individuals in various segments of the rodeo over its long history. Inductees can include past champions, stock contractors, contract acts, local committee individuals, and outstanding horses or bulls. Inductees are honored during a celebration on the day prior to the commencement of rodeo activities. This event takes place in the Main Stage Tent on the west side of the arena and includes the induction ceremony for new inductees, an old fashioned steak barbecue, and musical entertainment for the pleasure of all attendees. In addition, this year, there will be an oral auction of wares benefiting the St. Paul Rodeo Foundation. This kickoff evening offers a chance to relax and have a little fun in anticipation of the activities of the rodeo.

Monday, June 29 - AUCTION (benefitting St Paul Rodeo Foundation) at Hall of Fame BBQ steak dinner in the Main Stage Tent. Tickets sales have ceased for this event. Tickets NOT available at the door.

Visit the Schedule of Events for more info including date.

Bios for Inductees

Click the year to display biographies for that year's inductees.


Elaine Smith
Bob Gregory
Grant McKillip
Richard Ernst
Butch Knowles

Clay Finley
Les Johnson
Mary Ann Zielinski
Ed Brentano
Bill Smith, Sr.
Bruce Ford
Pat Nogle
Wick Peth
Bill Miller
George Bernards

Charly Crawford
A.J. Swaim
Smith & Velvet
Sam & Claudia (Ernst) Smith
Dick & Eileen Buyserie
Joe Beaver
Rod Hay
Joe Baumgartner
Maurice Smith
Jerry Halter
Cy Ferschweiler
John Growney
Dee McKillip
Dean Oliver
Enoch Walter
Joe Ruda
Frank & Rita Foltz
Shirley Ernst
Trevor Knowles
Red Rock (Livestock)
Bill Nelson
Mike Beers
Buck & Jason Smith
Mary McKay
Carl J. Smith
John McKillip, Sr.
Joe Alexander
Bob Ragsdale
Wilbur Plaugher
Tony Halter

Tex Irwin
Norm Berhorst
Bill Smith
Cindy Smith
Lottie Smith
Bill Halter
Roger & Brenda Howard
Jerri Mann
Rob Smets
Dwight Maddox
Christensen Brothers
Maureen Coleman
Gene Smith
Harry Tompkins
Harry Charters
Charles Soileau
Art McKay
Nancy Schneider
John & Karren Pohlschneider
John Weisz
Buddy Schneider
Gary Simon
Western Rodeos
Jackie Wright
Ray Manegre
Charmayne James
Harley Tucker
Buddy Groff
Jim Shoulders
Mel Hyland
Justin McKee
Flint Rasmussen
Lawrence Bunning
Jean Manegre
Rudy Doucette
Jim Bothum
Don Kish
Jim Gooding
Pat Smith
William Smith

Mel Lambert
Anne K. Smith
Larry Mahan
Gene Rambo
Steve Johnson
Chuck Lopeman
Lloyd Faria
Bill Dolan
Al Pohlschneider
Bob Tallman
Steve Coleman
Doug Brown
Donna Smith
Jimmie Cooper
William Smith
Mel Lambert
Anne K. Smith
Larry Mahan
Gene Rambo
Fred Whitfield
Sonny Hansen
Loren Obrist/Rollin' Acres
Don Coleman
Don Ferschweiler
Ted McKillip
Clay Cooper
Judy Ackley
Ray Richardson
Stub Johnson

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